Stupidity Getting Its Way

Expending tremendous energy merely to be normal

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Story of a man who decided not to breathe
He turned red, then blue, all purple
Colorful indeed
No matter how his friends begged and pleaded
The man would not concede
Now look, he’s dead you see
‘Cause every man should know
Good God, you got to breathe
Big Eyed Fish, 7.28.02

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ah, poor Live Trax 6 - often overlooked, and it’s certainly not the strongest LT out there, but there are definitely some gems. Break Free and The Idea of You are the obvious ones, but there’s no such thing as a bad ‘06 Warehouse, either.

I think it was my second LT, and I definitely remember it being the first time I listened to Pig properly. I think I mainly bought it because it was on sale and because it had Grey Street and Bartender.

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