Stupidity Getting Its Way

Expending tremendous energy merely to be normal

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nothing will beat the reaction on ants when shake me closed the show. literally everyone called it as soon as the stone started

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Historia abscondita [concealed, secret, unknown history] - Every great human being exerts a retroactive force: for his sake all of history is placed in the balance again, and a thousand secrets of the past crawl out of there hiding places - into his sunshine. There is no way of telling what may yet become a part of history. Perhaps the past is still essentially undiscovered! So many retroactive forces are still needed!
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, §34

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so two TD’s in a row: Spoon then Out of My Hands

wahaha that’s some serious whiplash. the reaction on ants is priceless

a guy who’s there said the crowd went nuts for Spoon and then just DIED when Hands started

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jess tagged me in this thing so here we go~~~

Handwriting Meme —

  1. Name
  2. URL
  3. Blog title
  4. Favorite color
  5. Crush/significant other
  6. Favorite band
  7. Something in caps
  8. Favorite/lucky number
  9. Favorite drink
  10. Tag 10 people

Filed under i just tagged the first few people who came to mind idk the 'tag 10 people' parts of these things always make me a little ~ughhh~ you know 'cause what if they don't want to do it but they'd feel bad about saying no so i compromised: i wrote the urls but didn't technically tag the people so if you don't wanna do this you can just say you never saw it