Stupidity Getting Its Way

Expending tremendous energy merely to be normal

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jess tagged me in this thing so here we go~~~

Handwriting Meme —

  1. Name
  2. URL
  3. Blog title
  4. Favorite color
  5. Crush/significant other
  6. Favorite band
  7. Something in caps
  8. Favorite/lucky number
  9. Favorite drink
  10. Tag 10 people

Filed under i just tagged the first few people who came to mind idk the 'tag 10 people' parts of these things always make me a little ~ughhh~ you know 'cause what if they don't want to do it but they'd feel bad about saying no so i compromised: i wrote the urls but didn't technically tag the people so if you don't wanna do this you can just say you never saw it

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I’m in tears she forted like twice


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Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

I think your aunt just won life

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damn that dreaming tree from the other night is SUPER fast

i’ve never heard it played so quickly and it sounds really odd